Bluff Master (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Bluff Master

Bluff Master (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

Though Bluff Master never runs out of steam, the director Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi and his screenplay stumble in striking an emotional connect to the story.

Cast & Crew
Director: Ganesh Gopi
Actor: Krishna Chaitanya, Satyadev Kancharana, Nandita Swetha
Release Date: 28 Dec, 2018

Bluff Master (2018) Telugu Review:
A young lad turns a conman once losing his folks at a young age. cash is his solely priority in life and he tricks the greedy and gullible ton to create positive his financial wants are met. However, things go awry once he gets caught by a gang of baddies. however he escapes from their clutches and finds the aim to his life through a lady forms the story of Bluff Master.

Though Bluff Master ne’er runs out of steam, the director Gopi Ganesa Pattabhi associate degreed his playscript stumble in putting an emotional connect with the story. The film revolves around Uttam (Satyadev Kancharana) WHO swindles cash from the gullible and therefore the greedy ton. Prudhvi dominion, the comedian is his 1st prey and therefore the elaborate comedy sequence between him and therefore the protagonist tickles your funny bones to start with. and therefore the story garners momentum once Uttam cheats individuals within the garb of a business company and meets the love of his life Avani (Nandita Swetha). Avani, realizing the dark aspect to Uttam’s life stays far from him, solely to come within the second hour to assist Uttam within the time of crisis.

In the in the meantime, Uttam gets caught by the cops, and escapes within the nick of your time by luring the witnesses and lawyers with cash. The story takes associate degree sudden flip once one among Uttam’s victims approaches the role, Hindu deity Menon, for help. The latter abducts him reciprocally of the money and astonishingly finishes up befriending Uttam later, solely to urge cheated by him before long.

The story then takes a U flip of kinds, marking Uttam’s transformation into an honest guy, all due to Avani. however Hindu deity feels the time is ripe for a revenge and finishes up duping Uttam in time. Even Avani is in bother and these series of incidents originate to a riveting climax, wherever actor Vamsi WHO plays a friend to Hindu deity Menon shines along with his acting skills. He brings the mandatory emotional context to the story, and causes you to leave the theatres on a high.

Bluff Master, however, works solely in elements and then will the over-smart nature of Uttam, compete by Satyadev.The narrative falls flat for many of the time and you’re not diverted by the character’s antics. Satyadev’s long transformation from a conman to a real guy does not look presumptive or generate any emotional impact. In fact, this phase is among the film’s biggest setbacks. blackball these blemishes, Bluff Master keeps you diverted with its far-out humour and mind games.


Bluff Master (2018) Telugu Full Movie Download

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